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A Goofy Movie (Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection)
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Now you can enjoy all the outrageous fun and laughter of Disney's most legendary comedian as he stars in his very own full-length motion picture! In the great tradition of quality Disney animation, A GOOFY MOVIE is a classic blend of irresistible characters, unforgettable music, and an endearing modern-day story about how the lovable Goof bonds with his teenage son Max on a hilarious cross-country road trip. En route to the ol' fishing hole, they find themselves up to their floppy ears in misadventure! Will Max learn there's nothing wrong with taking after dear old dad ... if he is a little goofy? The question is answered in the showstopping finale when Max and Goofy "crash the stage" at the most spectacular rock concert ever performed! Filled with action-packed scenes, narrow escapes -- even a comic close encounter with Bigfoot -- Disney's critically acclaimed hit comedy is a delightfully memorable adventure your family will love taking again and again!|The film was animated primarily at a new Disney studio in France after character design, art direction, and storyboarding had been completed in Burbank, California.|The nuns who help Goofy sing "Out On The Open Road" appear three other times in the movie: at the diner one of them sticks her head in the picture, at a monster truck show, sitting right behind Goofy and Max, and at the gates of the Powerline Concert.

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