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Alaska Video Documentary - The Wonders of Alaska Movie - Educational Film for Kids and Adults
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The Wonders of Alaska by Adam Kelly and Alison Fair

Embark with us on this guided, narrated journey through Alaska. In this documentary, you will experience one of the most amazing, untouched places left on the planet. The Wonders of Alaska DVD is a professional film made with one simple goal in mind, to transport you to the wondrous frontier of Alaska. Live an out-of-this-world experience while watching this Alaska travel video. Enjoy the educational, professional narration and peaceful music while witnessing Alaskan magnificence, beauty and pristine nature.

DVD Features:

  • Transport Yourself to Alaska: Visit wildlife, view breathtaking glaciers and waterfalls. You will feel like you are a part of the experience!
  • Witness Nature At Its Best: This professionally narrated educational film takes you on an incredible journey through nature.
  • Featuring the Famous Tracy Arm Fjord: A large amount of filming took place at the Tracy Arm Fjord, which is a beautiful area in Alaska that many travel to see.
  • Over 60 Minutes of Educational Video: You will learn many new things while watching this educational DVD. Great for kids and adults alike.

Visit the Wildlife:

  • Humpback Whales
  • Black Bears
  • Sea Otters
  • Birds
  • Harbor Seals
  • Mountain Goats
  • Killer Whales
  • Salmon

In addition to majestic wildlife, this video also takes you on a journey to view waterfalls, gigantic icebergs, and much more! Watch giant pieces of ice crash into the ocean and calving glaciers. Get a good look at climate change and global warming.

The value you will get from this DVD is incredible!

Purchase this DVD today and you'll be glad you did!

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