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NUMBEROCK 3rd Grade Math DVD: 16 Educational Music Videos For Kids
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $13.95 Lowest price: New $13.95
~ Featured in Singapore's National Math Curriculum
~ Play Confidently Knowing Your Students Expectations Will Be Surpassed
~ Generate Unprecedented Levels of Enthusiasm In Your Classroom
~ Integrate the Arts Into Your Math Activities & Lessons
~ Master Basic Math Facts with Multiplication Rap Songs

Experience 3rd Grade level math concepts through our 3rd Grade Math DVD which may have the most creative math songs and animations ever produced. It's so important to make learning math fun again, because when you look at the entertainment that's being produced for elementary school aged kids in games, movies, and online videos, it's no wonder that kids are starting to zone out in school. As a math teacher, I used to find it challenging to capture my students' full attention during math class. The pressure to keep my students actively engaged in my classroom was the original motivation for the creation of these learning songs & animated educational videos. It all came into being one day when I brought my guitar in to school to play a song I'd written about Long Division that was accompanied a simple animation I'd made. While not all my students liked the folk rock genre, I could tell I had everyone's attention. Soon I began writing songs in genres that my students actually listed to: rap, rock, pop, country, you name it. To my amazement, parents would often tell me that their kids were singing the songs in the car, at dinner, or even teaching them to their siblings Almost in disbelief that kids were singing my math songs for fun outside of school, I felt encouraged and inspired to keep writing. Soon I began to create professional animations that matched the quality of the music I had written. I hope your student(s) will find a renewed passion for math as they access the NUMBEROCK collection. Concepts covered include: Subtraction with Regrouping Multiplication Facts Capacity Rounding Numbers 3D Shapes Geometry (Triangles & Quadrilaterals) Inches, Feet, Yards & Ounces, Pounds, Tons Metric Measurements So, what are you waiting for? Let's Rock Math!

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